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I am having trouble pairing my Lloytron MIP door bell or accessory

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2017 12:54PM BST
MIP Re-Programme Guide

Note: If this is a new purchase of a bell push, please check that the battery saver tag has been

If multiple receivers are used then each receiver must be programmed to each bell push individually.

Re-setting plug-in receiver:

1. With the unit power switched off, press and hold the Chime Replay button down for 10 seconds.

2. Now switch on the power to the unit

3. The memory is now clear and ready for programming.

Resetting the battery receiver:

1. Take 1 battery out and leave the other battery/s in the receiver.

2. Press and hold ‘’Chime Replay’’ button (middle button on the back of the battery receiver) for 10


3. The memory is now clear and ready for programming

To Programme the units:

Have the receiver/s ideally 5/6 foot away from the bell push as too far away is exhausting! And

too near it will not link. Then when you are linked up you can move to whichever room you

require i.e. living room, bedroom, kitchen.....

1. On the Receiver select and Press and hold the “Chime Replay” button

(Circular button in the middle for plug-in receiver, middle button on the back of the battery


Your selected tune will play then an audible “beep beep” will be heard. The receiver is now in a

waiting mode.

2. Quickly Press the “Bell Push” and an audible Single “beep” will be heard again on the receiver.

The receiver is now programmed to the Bell Push.

Press the bell push again a couple of seconds after and you will hear your selected tune play and this

will show that the receiver and transmitter have confirmed the link up.

You are now linked!

If you hear 2 beeps before you press the bell for the first time then you need to reattempt the link

up again. (website for full range of Lloytron Door chimes)

Tele 01942 687 040 or

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